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Please be aware that the schedule can change. We are a 24/7 global news agency and the news dictates the schedule, not vice-versa.

  • Silencing the Right
    Silencing the Right
    Have you heard about the conservative alternative to Twitter? It's called Parler, and the left-wing media thinks it could mean the end of our world. It's not just the media that wants to silence conservative viewpoints, we'll show you who is...
  • FULL SHOW: Armenians return to devastation in Stepanakert
    FULL SHOW: Armenians return to devastation in Stepanakert
    Refugees from Armenia are returning to their city of Stepanakert in Nagorno-Karabakh only to see their homes destroyed. They have nothing to return to. RT’s Murad Gazdiev has the story.  Iran has added a new warship to its navy, capable...
  • RT News - November 20 2020 (17:00 MSK)
    RT News - November 20 2020 (17:00 MSK)
    Top Australian figures including a former prime minister condemn reports that the country's soldiers tortured and murdered dozens of Afghan civilians. We look at how the war on terror created its own form of terror. French Catholics rally against a...
  • RT News - November 20 2020 (12:00 MSK)
    RT News - November 20 2020 (12:00 MSK)
    "Unforgivable atrocities" and "utterly disgusting" how people are describing alleged ritual killings of Afghan civilians by elite Australian troops, with calls to fully bring the perpetrators to justice. French Catholics hit the streets against a...